Seed Bootcamp

Free Program on Preparing for Seed

Equip yourself with the most relevant and actionable information on how to raise a Seed round in the current environment. Listen live to raw and unfiltered discussions from female founders who have successfully walked your path, and from the funders who make it happen.


Get clarity on what’s essential to the fundraising process: No more sifting through and having to qualify the validity of all the fundraising information that’s on the internet. All Raise takes the guess work out of fundraising by providing you live access to female founders that have successfully gone through this process.
Get direct access to the funders and decision makers: Interact live with the people that make the funding decisions - VCs and Angels - and learn about all the different factors that affect who, what, why, when and how they fund.
Engage with a collaborative community: Create genuine and meaningful relationships with other female founders who are going through the same process. This is an opportunity to join a supportive community that will encourage and empower each other even after the bootcamp.
Apply, practice and enhance your fundraising skills: Information without application won’t lead to transformation. Take advantage of practicing and getting quality feedback from a community that is eager to improve, who now understand how funders think, and understand how demanding the fundraising process can be.

Virtual Program Overview

This is a fully sponsored sponsored program offered at no cost.
Sessions will be held from 4pm - 6pm PST and 7pm - 9pm EST
October 6 - Session 1
“Preparing for Your Seed round
October 13 - Session 2 
“What Makes a Great Story & Deck”
October 20 - Session 3
“Running the Fundraise Process: Tips, Best Practices and What Not to Do”
October 27 - Session 4 
“Mastering The Pitch Meeting”
November 3 - No session during election week. Go vote!
November 10 - Session 5 
“Understanding & Negotiating a Term Sheet”
Expect each session to have the following format:
  1. Speaker panel consisting of founders and funders
  2. Q&A with the speakers
  3. Breakout rooms to engage with other bootcamp participants to discuss, and apply the content
  4. Light homework and bonus reading material to supplement each topic
  5. 2 hours per session. Additional 30-minutes after each session for optional discussion and networking.

Who should apply?

  • You are or are planning to be a founder of a for-profit entity.
  • You are developing an idea and have began interviewing testing it with customers.
Applications are now CLOSED. They're accepted on a rolling basis.
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Speaker Preview

Grid 2
  • Zoe Barry, CEO & Founder @ Stealth Mode Startup Company
  • Miki Reynolds, Executive Director @ Grid110
  • Eva Ho, General Partner @ Fika Ventures
  • Erin Shipley, COO @ LOOM, Founding Partner & Co-Founder @ The Helm
  • Sarah Hodges, Partner @ Pillar VC
  • Shilla Kim-Parker, CEO & Founder @ Thrilling


Grid 1
  • Alexa Von Tobel, Managing Partner @ Inspired Capital
  • Assia Grazioli-Venier, Co-Founder @ Muse Capital
  • Debi Kleiman, Author & Executive Director @ Arthur Blank Center of Entrepreneurship at Babson College
  • Vanessa Smith, Associate @ Gunderson Dettmer
  • Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner @ Glasswing Ventures
  • Carmen Palafox, Partner @ MiLA Capital


Grid 3
  • Suelin Chen, CEO & Co-Founder @ Cake
  • Tanya Menendez, CEO & Co-Founder @ SnowballWealth
  • Suzanne Norris, Managing Partner @ Victress Capital
  • Melody Koh, Partner @ NextView Ventures
  • Sofya Polyakov, CEO & Co-Founder @ Noun Project
  • David Chang, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
...And many more!