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The VC Cohorts program hacks the old boys club to help female and non-binary investors to be wildly successful as venture capitalists. Cohorts center on building trusted relationships that go beyond the "small talk," allowing members to be part of a strong community of women in venture who are dedicated to each others’ professional and personal growth.  Find our full FAQ + program overview here. 

Cohorts consist of 8-10 women in similar roles at venture firms in the US, crossing geographies and industries. Members receive tactical, insider strategies, best practices, insights on daily challenges, and benchmarks across industries and firms. All meetings are off-the-record, private, and invite-only, with the monthly time commitment at no more than 90 minutes for cohort members.

Cohort membership costs $599/year. All Raise is a non-profit and subsidizes most of the costs but if the membership cost is a barrier, please email Kendall Rankin at to inquire about scholarships.

Cohorts do not include: solo angel investors (since many discussions center around firm-building); VC’s outside the US; private equity; or healthcare/biotech investors since the investing process can be meaningfully different. Given the wide range of partner titles in the ecosystem, we are also focused on check-writers who can lead deals without sponsorship. If you are a more junior partner who has the title but not yet the role, Principal Cohorts may be a better fit (which launch next year).

2021-2022 Partner Cohorts are currently underway.

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